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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Varnishing / tropicalisation robot Colourimetry robot EMU - dust removal Ionising airflow robot
Founded in April 2007, Paintsys provides innovative and made-to-measure solutions - especially in the field of automated paint cells - for general industry.
PaintSys is an independent engineering company in robotic painting that meets all industry needs for designing, adapting and integrating a wide range of products as well as multi-axis robots, sprayers, paint dispensing systems and complete lines. All this with the aim of offering its customers the most efficient, ergonomic and economic systems possible.
PaintSys operates at every level of the process: pre-painting preparation (cleaning, sanding, etc.), product application, robotic paint application and environment.
PaintSys boasts solid expertise in its field of action and an extensive network of contacts in the industrial sector. This means it can also offer ad hoc services such as preliminary projects, studies and definitions before implementation.