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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Robotic sanding chamber CO2 robot Sanding robot

Solutions I Surface preparation

Mechanical cleaning

In the event of surfaces being severely polluted before painting (oxidation, release agent, etc.), physical attacks such as shot blasting, sandblasting, shot peening or cryogenics are required to provide a sound and sustainable bonding for the paint.

These processes require the implementation of specific resources in terms of treatment chambers, recycling and transport of the abrasive.

Robotising these operation therefore offers an advantageous alternative in terms of productivity and accuracy of the treatment, as well as saving manual operators from having to perform tasks that are difficult, dangerous and time-consuming.

To achieve this, PaintSys aims to design and integrate mechanical cleaning robot cells before painting.

Dedicated cells or cells interspersed in an on-line paint process integrate conveyor systems with protection, a ventilated and sound-proofed booth, abrasive recovery by pigging or suction, mechanical or cyclone recycling of the abrasive, storage and transport of the abrasive by suction or pressure, and a fully-protected, multi-axis robot equipped with appropriate sanding nozzles.

This type of cell also available in a “manual cabinet” configuration, where the robot outside the cabinet treats the parts or transports them in front of its fixed nozzles.