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References I Testimonials

Philippe Pericart, head of paint at Stäubli Robotics, manufacturer of industrial robots with a range of
products specially designed for paint applications.

In what context did you use PaintSys?
We have known the people in the PaintSys team for a few years. Once PaintSys was set up, it was quite natural for us to use them to manage the projects for integrating paint and surface treatment robots.

What was the strategic challenge in collaborating with PaintSys?
We wanted to be able to guide our customers towards a company that was reliable, with significant know-how in the paint and surface treatment industry and that was capable of providing a high level of expertise for our customers’ projects.

Did you have specific constraints, and, if so, what were they?
In the special machines profession, a willingness to listen and understand customer needs are very important. We wanted to be able to work on good terms on both the technical and business level with a company that possessed these qualities and to discuss issues on an ongoing basis with them.

What have the benefits of this collaboration been, and what did you learn from it?
There were, in fact, few surprises. As mentioned earlier, listening and dialogue are always on the agenda with PaintSys and, as a result, the benefits of the collaboration are substantial: matters are managed well both technically and economically, customers are satisfied, and there is an increasing number of consultations. What is more, in addition to PaintSys’s expertise in the paint process, the close collaboration between our two companies has enabled PaintSys to make better use of all the features of our robots… to everyone’s benefit.

Interview with Eric SPACIL, group head of Technicians, Maintenance and Equipment, and Patrick CHATEL, group head of Bare Pipe Processes and project manager for industrialisation and varnishing.

In what context did you use PaintSys? Did you have any specific constraints?

We launched a consultation as part of acquiring some new equipment for applying solvent-based products. PaintSys was able to respond to the constraints imposed point by point. In fact, using solvent-based products entails severe environmental constraints with specific standards that are very stringent and an associated quality process that is extremely precise. PaintSys was able to take all our technical constraints into account. Their proposal was also consistent with our economic and organisational constraints, and the budget made sense and the implementation time was relatively short.

What is the benefit of this collaboration, and what did you learn from it?

PaintSys allowed us to introduce a new feature such as a robot, something that we did not have before. We have also benefited hugely from their expertise in applying solvents, a field in which precision is essential: you have to put the right layer in the right place. PaintSys made a real contribution to the quality of our production by supplying us with reliable equipment. We value the fact that we have found a local partner that is keen to listen and intervenes rapidly when called for. They work on site for half a day, which is highly valued in an industrial context where reactivity is paramount. Their team is available and very attentive, and each of their members knows our equipment and our project. Dialogue is very easy between us, whether it concerns commercial or technical questions or questions about the process.

Do you intend to recommend PaintSys or to call on them again?

Our work means that we are not able to recommend them, but if we could, then, yes, we would most certainly. In the meantime, we are working on other projects with them at the moment because we appreciate the way they practice their profession in line with our concerns.