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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Company I Corporate culture

Founded by former employees of the German Eisenmann group, with which it still maintains close ties, PaintSys offers its expertise in the field of surface treatment.

The company’s management and employees, trained in the requirements of major principals and an international context, share a corporate culture based on customer satisfaction. PaintSys believes that robotisation is a key driver in the development of surface treatment. Far from the prejudices that claim that robotisation destroys jobs, robotisation is above all a means of:

• Increasing productivity, control and reproducibility
• Reducing operating costs and minimising paint loss
• Eliminating menial and unhealthy manual tasks

It is, for the same reasons, an alternative to relocating jobs abroad.

This is why PaintSys offers its experience in both the automobile sector and industry in general for various treatment processes in France and abroad.