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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Company I News

Paint application

Renault - Nissan        January 2013                                                 TOGLIATTI, Russie

PaintSys won a contract to extend the number of colours on AvtoVAZ’s historic site in Togliatti.
PaintSys will supply all the new dispensing machines and circulating systems and will be responsible for related modifications to the existing robots.
Robotic paint-sizing line

Schneider                   December 2012                                       VIEUX-THANN, France

PaintSys finalised the commissioning of a complete sizing line on behalf of Schneider in Vieux-Thann (68). The line, which was designed in its entirety by PaintSys, will make it possible to size both metal and plastic parts. Fully automated and autonomous, the process integrates a robotised conveyor system, oven, surface activation and sizing.
EMU - dust removal

Mercedes Benz          October 2012                                                       BEIJING, Chine

PaintSys was selected to supply blowing and cleaning machines for Mercedes Benz’s three production lines on its new site in Beijing, which are dedicated to its C, S and GLK-class vehicles. PaintSys won the final acceptance after performance qualification. The project was conducted in collaboration with ABB China, and PaintSys carried out the entire service by drawing on its various local partners.