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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Paint baking oven Paint line supervision / automation Metal spraying paint line Treatment of VOC paint waste

Solutions I Turnkey solutions

Complete lines

From definition and design to commissioning, PaintSys offers complete “turnkey” lines that integrate:

•    conveyor solutions (overhead, floor-based, monorail, power & free, belt,
•    the thermal process (convection ovens, infrared, electric or gas, coolers,
•    paint booths (dry or wet filtration) with ventilation and conditioning
•    robotisation
•    application and dispensing systems
•    process chambers and tunnels (desolvation chamber, paint shop, etc.)
•    systems for treating waste (VOC, water, etc.)
•    detection systems, camera-based recognitions and vision systems
•    electrification and management of instrumentation and control systems

PaintSys can supply units that meet the safety standards, environmental laws and specifications of its customers.