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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Solutions I Spraying accessories and equipment


Over and above expertise in robotics, the integration of multi-axis robots into the painting process is a profession in its own right, where experience is the key factor in determining a project’s success.

The suitability and success of robotisation depends on taking a number of parameters into account, including:

•    Accessibility and integrability into the environment
•    The variety, number and type of the parts to be treated
•    Production capacity and return on investment
•    Maintainability and interoperability
•    The quality and reproducibility of the result of the application
•    The relevance to the type of spraying
•    Rationalisation of product loss.

Thanks to PaintSys’s experience and expertise and its close ties with various robot manufacturers, the company can offer tailored and efficient robotisation.