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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Robot blower with rotating nozzles Automobile dust removal EMU feather rollers

Solutions I Surface preparation

Dust removal

It is because a part that has been properly painted is, above all, a part that has been properly prepared that PaintSys has developed and now offers various solutions for dust removal before painting.

PaintSys implements various automated systems based on brushing, blowing, ionisation, etc.

PaintSys remains a world leader in the area of brushing thanks to its “feather machines”. This technique, which was developed mainly for bodywork, is still the most widespread. The technology, which began with Eisenmann, now belongs to PaintSys, which today has more than thirty-five references amongst the major automobile manufacturers.

PaintSys’s ionising airflow applications take the following forms:

•    “blow-off” machines: high-speed blowing systems designed for
     automobile bodywork.
•    multi-axis robots equipped with blowing or rotating nozzles:  applications
     mainly intended for general industry and plastic equipment manufacturers.
•    Ionising gantries: “ionising airflow” applications specifically designed to
     neutralise surfaces before and after cleaning