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Ingénierie Robotique & Peinture
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Solutions I Spraying accessories and equipment


As every application is special, PaintSys can define and integrate the most suitable type of sprayer whether it is liquid paint or in powder form.

Depending on the material, number and geometry of the parts to be treated, and the products to be applied (viscosity, solvent-based or water-soluble liquid products, powder products) and the quality of the expected result, the experience of PaintSys, supplemented by any application tests, makes it possible to implement different types of spraying solutions: standard or electrostatic, pneumatic or centrifugal, air-mix or air-less.

Combined with these dedicated accessories (colour change valves and metering and control actuators), PaintSys’s robot-integrated spraying systems provide the most efficient solutions when it comes to productivity, compactness, operating costs, reproducibility and quality of the film.